Giraffemen feat. Marietta Sisters LP Album

Giraffemen Feat. Marietta Sisters are garage punk band from Braunsweig, GER. They are well known as a fantastic live band with energetic performance. The band is 25 years on the scene, they played numerous tours across the continent and released a few albums but the next one is gonna be under our label! We can expectContinue reading “Giraffemen feat. Marietta Sisters LP Album”

Žulj “Kultura” EP

Our dear friends from Rijeka, Croatia are back in studio! After fantastic double LP album “Resetiraj Civilizaciju” and “Vlažne Pjesme” they have announced two EP’s for this year! First one is gonna be “Kultura” and Dule had a pleasure to create the cover for it, of course in cooperation with Oli (lead vocals). Looking forward toContinue reading “Žulj “Kultura” EP”

Phantom Rockers “Here We Go Again?!” LP & CD Album

We are more than happy to announce that psychobilly legends THE PHANTOM ROCKERS has joined our label! They are currently in the studio, making the new album  (12th!!!)  which is gonna be released later this year. Stay tuned for more information about the exact date and pre-sale!  The band started in 1988 in the U.K. afterContinue reading “Phantom Rockers “Here We Go Again?!” LP & CD Album”